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Weedpartydrink is all about posting pictures, music, videos and other information relating to the SMART use of drugs.

We believe smart drug use, is the right drug use. And we like our followers to be in the know, on drugs. Drugs are not all as bad as the government, your parents etc. Make them out to be. They can be a form of enlightenment, enjoyment and happiness for some. And I believe everyone at least once in their life, should give them a go (Marijuana, LSD, Shrooms).

Some common "Drugs" these days:

- LSD (AKA. Acid) - Hallucinogen.

- Magic Mushrooms - Hallucinogen.

- Cannabis - Basically a mix of stimulant, depressant and hallucinogen.

- DMT - Hallucinogen.

- Methamphetamine - Stimulant.

- MDMA (AKA. Ecstasy) - Stimulant with hallucinogen properties.

- Cocaine - Stimulant.

- Heroin - Depressant.

- Tobacco - Stimulant.

- Alcohol - Depressant.


1 November 10
Posted: 2:17 AM

Mega faded right now.

I walked down to 7/11, on the way there I was walking really awkwardly, and I’m sure I got a few glances.
Then when I was in there, I starting laughing at the food. And tried to stop myself laughing, while i had the most devilish grin on my face. I’m sure some people would have thought I was on meth.

I bought 1 block of chocolate, he then says 2 blocs for 5 dollars, I say yes. I pay for the rest of my items, and go get another bloc. And me being the stoned fool I was got another 2 blocs, so in total I had 3 blocs, instead of 2. I walked out of their calmly, not realizing the horrible sin I had committed. I get home and realise I scored a free block of chocolate. WOOOO!

31 October 10

Well, I ended up buying a quarter.

After 4 hours of ringing, waiting, running around I got my quarter… I don’t think I’ll be dealing with him again…

At least the weed is fucking good.

25 October 10

So me, my mate and his cousin are walking across the park to my mates cousins house.

Some old fat cunt storms out of his swearing his balls off, saying we were graffin’. We kept walking to my mates cousins house. We get there, chill for a minute and he pulls in the fucking driveway!!?? He didn’t follow us, there was literally know way for him to know where we lived. So we presumed his a sick stalker fuck.

Anyway he says he’s going to call the police on false premises. We’re all just like, fuck off old man.

But the real annoying thing is, my mates cousins mum has 28 fucking plants in her garage. And weed, and bongs and pipes and papers and all this shit lying around. The old man leaves, and so do we. My mum picks me up, and I come and type this. This all happened about half an hour ago. Hopefully the cops don’t get suspicious while they’re at the house and don’t find the stash!

Fucking grumpy old men these days! I have respect for you! Don’t presume all of use teenagers are dirty scums.

24 October 10

Fuck I’m out of weed. Time to contact the dealer.

In other news:

-I made a waterfall bong today, had 2 massive fucking hits. I’m now officially in love with Gravity bongs.

-The expendables are my new favorite band to listen to while stoned, give em’ a listen.

-I sold a few items on ebay, and will be getting about $200. Items to buy: New bong, pipe, a quater ounce and some new fucking lighters!!

Anyways peace out and happy toking! <3

Posted: 6:09 AM
Posted: 6:07 AM

trippy as fuck :)


trippy as fuck :)

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12 October 10

californiacornbread said: 44,000 or so?

Wow, nice Shane. I’ve been reading your blog for a good 8 months now. And I like the “new” you. Keep up being the real Shane.

10 October 10

I left my stash at my besfriends house.

Going to get it today. I know he won’t take any.

It’s a shame weed affects short term memory, I could have left that weed somewhere else (Where it could have been easily stolen). But It just so happened that I left it somewhere relatively safe! Woohoo!

(Anyway, my day consists of a shower any second, going to school, come home and go on computer for an hour, pick up stash, smoke a bit of stash, come home, go on computer again, study for my mathematics test coming up, go on computer again, eat, then sleep).

Posted: 4:44 PM

It really does.


It really does.

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9 October 10

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Looks way to delicious


Looks way to delicious

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Smoke DZA ft Mac Miller-Always Been(The Smokers Club)(Produced by Big K.R.I.T.)

it’s 4:20, listen up and smoke something! sesh tune

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Northern Lights


Northern Lights

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh